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Exhibit Frequently Asked Questions:

QCan I just arrive and set up a display?

A Unfortunately the answer to this is no. Due to the popularity of this concept all tables are required to be pre-booked. You will need to do some forward planning in regards to our future events and those you wish to attend. Our site provides you with the facility to view all of our national forthcoming events.


QHow do I book my Exhibit table?

A You simply select the Package Option(Member or Non-Member) when booking online to attend an event. If the option is not showing this indicates that all tables are fully booked for that particular event.


QWhat does BBN provide me with?

A All exhibitors are supplied with a trestle table and 2 chairs. From this base you can build your display.


QCan I conduct a business card draw from my table?

A Yes you can invite event attendees to enter competitions, draws etc. However, we take the privacy laws very seriously and promote ethical networking practices. So if you intend to use the email addresses or details from the business cards collected at the event, you will need to indicate this to all those entering your competition. You can also ask for the winner to be drawn at the end of the event when BBN lucky draws are also being awarded.


QCan I hang my posters etc on walls?

A Our events are held at venues throughout South Africa. BBN must adhere to the policy of nothing being placed on walls. However, you are welcome to bring free-standing signs and banners.


QCan I sell products from my Exhibit Table?

A Yes you certainly can and are encouraged to do so. Please also note that most guests will not have cash on them so for this to work well for you credit card facilities would enhance your sales.


QWhat if I would prefer to demonstrate my services opposed to setting up a Table?

A At BBN we take great pride in the fact that we work with our Members to maximize the results of their promotional activities. So never shy away from discussing with us what you have in mind. We are open to the opportunities and amazement of your business.


QCan I have access to power?

A In function rooms there is always some access to power. However limited, you will need to arrive early to ensure you select a table which has close proximity to the available power. You will also need to supply your own extension cord,tape and double adapters.


QDo I receive confirmation?

A 7 days prior to any BBN event at which you have secured a Exhibit Table you will receive an email confirming, reminding you about your booking and a copy of rules & regulations.


QWhat if I have changed my mind and wish to cancel?

A You will need to email BBN Head Office on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at least seven (7) working days prior to the event if you do not wish to proceed. Due to the popularity of the exhibit tables there is often a waiting list and therefore, we need to give adequate time to the next person on the waiting list to prepare their display. If you do not give seven (7) working days’ notice you will be held liable for 50% cancelation fee.


Have more questions?

If you have any further questions regarding promotional activities or additional queries regarding Exhibit Tables at our events, please don't hesitate to Contact us online or email the BBN Marketing Team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We also encourage any suggestions in order for us to make the experience a success.

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Networking Meetings

The BBN Business Networking Meetings has something for every business professional. Get the opportunity to market your organization and tap into a network of knowledge and experience.  Attendees are encouraged to bring  their business cards to efectively network and share their business.

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Check our Events page for the next Networking Meetings!


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The BBN Business Expo serves as a dynamic new concept to help you to Connect, Learn, and Network with the people and resources who can positively impact your business growth.

c4707ac60db826d421dcf5472ffb1d93.jpgExhibiting not only allows you to connect with your current customers and generate brand awareness, but offers a great opportunity to debut new products/services.

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BBN Business Network Membership

When you become a BBN Business Network Member you tap into a support network that helps you feel connected, informed and ready to thrive in your business. You’re no longer alone. As a member you network with like-minded companies and business indivduals. Membership is open to all organizations, regardless of size, location or experience in responsible business.

We do not limit industries.

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