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Why Join BBN Business Network?

When you become a BBN Business Network Member you tap into a support network that helps you feel connected, informed and ready to thrive in your business. You’re no longer alone. Plus you get valuable trainings, practical advice and experts through a mix of online and live events.

We help companies integrate responsible business practice through a range of program’s and services. Our members receive exclusive access to a network of like-minded companies and support from experts within BBN and our membership. Membership is open to all organizations, regardless of size, location or experience in responsible business. We do not limit industries.

Getting the most out of your membership

Annual Membership Fee - R600.00 pa

BBN Business Network is a terrific Network to be a part of and with many events scheduled, it is well worth becoming a member.

  • All members receive regular updates on what’s happening at BBN, together with detailed event information and registration links.
  • Welcome Note and Business Listing to be posted on Social Media once you have joined.
  • Networking Platforms that link you to other like minded business people.
  • Platforms and opportunities for you to market your business, product or service.
  • As a BBN member you have the opportunity to create your own personalised Members Directory listing. This listing allows you to promote your business on a professional page displaying your company logo, promotional image, business profile which can be searched by any visitor to our site.   It’s a fantastic permanent online presence for all BBN members to enjoy. Visitors to the BBN site will be able to search the BBN Members Directory by company name and business sector.
  • Access to exclusive Member Saver opportunities.
  • Potential Speaker Opportunity.
  • Monthly e-newsletter highlighting articles, events and opinions on responsible business issues.
  • Expert advice and support to help you develop responsible business practices, cutting edge research, case studies and a range of 'how-to' guides in the workplace, community, marketplace and environment. Who also offers practical advice to help you and your company get the most out of your membership?
  • Local support across South Africa providing a range of Staffing Solutions services with local knowledge, experience and networks to support unemployment in South Africa.

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BBN Business Expo

The BBN Business Expo has something for every business owner and professional. Don't miss the opportunity to connect with range of small businesses, market your organization and tap into a network of entrepreneurs, service providers, financial organizations, & business coaches.

Our free, one-day expo offers invaluable insights and exclusive networking opportunities with a wide range of business talks from top industry experts.

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Want to exhibit your product or service at the BBN Business Expo?

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